Corporate events in Asten Hotels

Asten Hotels offers top locations in the Czech Republic. Choose the best one for you.

Reward your team by staying at Asten Hotels and experience great events throughout the year.

Organize corporate training, strategic meetings or conferences with Asten Hotels.

We will prepare whatever you wish for your intimate celebration and grand party.

"We had great expectations, but this surpassed them"

Hello Iveto and Petra, Allow us to thank you and your team with Terka and the whole marketing team for such a wonderful two days at your hotel. We are afraid that you have set such a high standard for all future corporate events that it will be difficult to overcome. We may have to come back regularly! I would like to write some constructive feedback, but I can only praise - everything from communication to accommodation, spa, food, bar, recommended band and experience agency was absolutely perfect. Colleagues often used the phrase: We had high expectations, but this surpassed them. Thank you also for the ordered weather :-) And that you came to wave the whole team to the bus at the departure - this was talked in the office the rest of the working day! Iveta, Petra, thank you again and wish you a great start of the main season! Helča and Terka

"The atmosphere in the off-season is beautifully calm"

Hello Iveto, I would like to thank you for your helpfulness and helpfulness, everything was perfectly prepared, the food was excellent and the atmosphere was beautifully calm in low season. On the other hand, I would like to wish you a season of stormy, full of pleasant guests and that everything goes well according to your wishes. P.S .: I almost forgot to commend service, willingness, the art of conversation, everything perfect. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Simon

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