Management contract

Management agreement is the ideal solution for an investor, who wants to be partly (defined exactly in the agreement) involved in the operation of the hotel. This form is called on the account of the owner. The responsibility of the operational result is on the side of Asten Hotels. Responsibility for investments and possible cash flow struggles in the weak months lays on the hotel owner.  

What is your gain with Management agreement?

  • Reputable operator responsible for operational result  
  • Connection to sales channel of Asten Hotels
  • Guarantee of defined quality of Asten Hotels services  
  • Annual financial plan for sales and marketing 
  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly personal meetings 

What is your responsibility? 

  • Establishing an operational company and responsibility for accounting of this company and related taxes 
  • The employees of the hotel are employed by the company 
  • Taking care of cash flow diversions 
  • Investments and maintenance  

We will gladly discuss more details with you in person, please contact Mr. Jiří Gajdošík via e-mail emailu 

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