Lease contract

The Lease Agreement is an ideal solution for an investor, who does not want to be confronted with any operational issues in any case. In case of running operation, the best solution is to conclude a tenancy agreement. The responsibility for potential cash flow is on the side of the lessee, Asten Hotels. This form is called on the account of the lessee. 

What is your gain from the Lease agreement? 

  • Guaranteed income via fix monthly rent, alternatively part of turnover
  • Reputable operator with full responsibility for operating result 
  • You will get rid off cash flow fluctuations depending on months of weak season 
  • Time to focus on your core business 
  • Daily maintenance of your real estate including revisions
  • Possible promotion of the hotel into a higher category 
  • Investment into the real estate from Asten Hotels, if necessary 
  • All employees are employed by Asten Hotels 

We will gladly discuss more details with you in person, please contact Mr. Jiří Gajdošík via e-mail 

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