Hotel Český Krumlov


Asten Hotels took over hotel Bellevue Krumlov by the means of management agreement in October 2012. Mr. Martin Kocourek, experienced Hotel Manager, who worked at high posts by Marriott Hotels & Resorts, was charged to manage the hotel. In the first half year of his activity a conscientious market research had been done – in the sales part as well as in personal part and in the course of the year 2013, the hotel was ready to fulfill its long-term goals.

The main goals were defined as follows: 

  • Enhancement of turnover and hotel profit 
  • Setting the hotel standards according to Asten Hotels standards 
  • Adjustment of price policy 
  • Search for new segments 
  • Reduction of dependance on travel agencies – most of all in group segment and a new space for care of individual guests has been made 


Current status

All the goals were achieved until 2016 or significantly exceeded and thus was the potential of further growth exhausted. Therefore the Asten Hotels company prepared long-term plan of change. Reconstruction of the hotel and its promotion to a higher standard. The aim should be a complete reconstruction of all rooms in the horizon of two years, precisely until the end of 2018 and a new positioning of the hotel on the market in Český Krumlov. 


Jiří Gajdošík
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