Sunshine in Spindleruv Mlyn

21. října 2018

Sunshine In Spindelruv Mlyn

I’m recently back from a few days of sunshine in Spindelruv Mlyn. What more could you ask for in an October trip to Europe? The colours were intensely autumnal, our hotel was one of the most beautiful ever and the surroundings were so picturesque! We did a lot of exploring and it’s safe to say the camera stayed firmly in my hands. My only experience of the Czech Republic up to this point was Prague. A beautiful city but this weekend opened my eyes to how much more this lovely country can offer!

Hotel Savoy Spindelruv Mlyn

Before we did get going each day we were at Hotel Savoy, member of Asten Hotels. It’s one of the most beautiful hotels we have been fortunate enough to stay in. It was complimented so nicely by the coloured trees that framed it from every angle. Our room had a fantastic forward facing view from the balcony. We woke every morning, wandered outside and were gifted with misty mountain views, autumnal scenes and not a single cloud in the sky. Every single day was the same! The room was so comfortable and with Savoya restaurant and the luxurious Hennessy bar tempting us below we spent  a lot of time here! I’ll be producing a separate post purely about staying at Hotel Savoy. Be sure to check that out for a more in-depth look!

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